Root canal treatments are complicated and risky procedures that require years of education and experience to do correctly. All this is reflected in the expensive fees associated with these procedures. Yet, at London Root Canals, we have taken some steps to make root canal treatments as affordable as possible. This is how:

General or Specialist Dentist Fees

At London Root Canals, we have endodontic specialists Dr. Aldo Manzur and Dr. Farzad Danesh performing the root canal treatments. We also have general dentists Dr. Elizabeth Lee and Dr. Angela Ma performing as a part of the root canal treatments team. Some treatments are more complex, and we highly recommend that they only be done by a specialist.  However, for all other treatments our patients will be given the option of being seen by a general dentist or by the specialist; both use expert precision and intensive care when working on a London Root Canal patient. The fees billed from the specialist are higher. However, there are several advantages to having the root canal done by a specialist.

Transparency in Fees

Our open-door policy entitles everyone to a free consultation with one of our dentists, where you can learn about treatment options, fees, and have all your general questions answered. The free consultation is not to be confused with a Complete Oral Examination. If you need specific costs for your treatment, a full diagnostic must be conducted. The results of the exam are presented to you along with digital x-rays, videos, and computer animations. For larger procedures, you will also be given a copy of the presentation to take home, in case you would like to seek a second opinion or take more time to make your decision.

Payment Terms

You will be asked to pay the fee at the time of service. We will submit your claim to your benefit provider electronically, and you will get reimbursed within a few days. Since you already know what you are covered for, there should be no surprises. Payments may be made with cash, debit, bank draft, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. If you have any questions regarding your bill, your Patient Care Specialist will sit with you in a private area and go over it in detail.

Riverpark Dental Will Help You Finance Your Treatment

London Root Canals offers several generous financing plans to finance your endodontic and other dental needs. This includes extending your payment up to 10 years and interest-free financing to those who qualify. If you are a small business, we can also help you set up a trust fund so that you can write off your dental treatment from your taxes.  Contact us for more information.  

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