Why an Endodontist?

Why choose an Endodontist (Specialist) over a General Dentist?

Endodontists are dentists with at least two additional years of advanced specialty education in diagnosis and root canal treatment. The science of endodontics is the science of working blind - meaning most of the effort is done using only tactile skills with minimum visual information available, since the procedure is done inside the tooth where there is little to no visibility.

More Experience

Endodontists limit their practice to strictly root canals, and they perform this procedure every day. This experience helps them develop a more tactile ability to ‘see’ through their sense of touch.

Dealing with Difficult Root Canals

When general dentists are confronted with difficult root canals, whether it is a case of exceptional anatomy, difficult access, or calcified canals, they will have to stop mid-procedure and refer out to an endodontist. An endodontist will be able to deal with those types of cases because of their daily experience.

Special Equipment

An endodontist possesses special equipment to help them with any type of root canal. For example, endodontists are trained to use microscopes throughout the treatment to magnify images up to 35 times bigger than what the naked eye can see. They can locate fractures or hidden canals that do not appear on x-rays but still manifest pain in the tooth. Among the special equipment, we include ultrasonic and digital imaging. General dentists can use this equipment as well, but given the high cost and limited use of items like the microscope, most of them choose not to use it.


The experience and advanced education allow an endodontist to start and finish a procedure in less time than it would take a general dentist.

Unique Patients

Their advanced specialty education permits them to deal with medically compromised patients and better understand how this procedure might affect patients that need special care.

Canals with Different Anatomy

Not all teeth are the same. Without a 3D image, it is hard to know exactly how the canals are positioned and their pathway. Endodontists can visualize the canals in their mind because of their experience and tactile ability.


Therefore, the endodontist's expertise and experience reduce the risk of a root canal failure and the chances of needing a root canal retreatment in the future.


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