Welcome to Root Canals!

West London Root Canals - Byron, Ontario

London Root Canals can be found at both Riverpark Dental located in Byron, London West and Victoriapark Dental Downtown London.  

London Root Canals focuses exclusively on endodontic treatments. Patients can have a free consult in the Education Centre with one of our dentists who provide endodontic treatments. Patients can view videos of the different root canal treatments and learn about the fees. Depending on the situation the dentist may suggest an exam. Depending on your situation we will determine if this procedure should be done by one of our general dentists who performs root canal treatments or by our endodontist.

At London Root Canals we offer services in English and Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Cantonese. We have a flexible schedule and we attend emergencies.

Patients comment on how Riverpark does not look or feel like a dental practice and on the personalized treatment they receive.