Do I Need a Root Canal?

It is not uncommon for patients to come in thinking they require root canal treatment, only learn otherwise. When you come into our practice, we will conduct several tests. Our digital x-ray and intra-oral camera will produce instant high-quality images. The microscope will allow s to see every part of the tooth in greatest detail. The diagnosis is painless and allows identification of all active factors that can cause or contribute to oral discomfort. In many situations, a tooth can be saved without a root canal treatment.


Depending on the complexity of the root canal treatment, you will have a choice to have this treatment done by one of our general dentists who perform root canal treatments, or by one of our endodontists. Click here to meet the dentists

Advantages of London Root Canals

  • ·        Flexibility - By having several dentists offering root canal treatments, we can offer extended hours, a flexible schedule, and accommodate patient emergencies.

    ·        "One-Stop Shop" - You can have your endodontic treatment and other dental procedures done at the same practice. No need to go to another practice.

    ·        Team Approach - Since all dentists work at the same place, it makes it easier for them to discuss your case and work together to find the best solution for you.

Treatment Planning

Our Treatment Education Centre is designated specifically for treatment planning. Once we understand your unique situation, we will work with you to determine an action plan that fits your goals and constraints. Through videos, computer animations, and other hands-on tools, you will understand exactly what is being done and feel confident enough to co-design your dental treatment. We are never tired of your questions, and patient education is an important goal the practise strives for.




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