Root Canal Myths

The more you know about endodontic treatment, the more confident you will feel about your procedure. Understanding the facts can not only help you overcome apprehension, but also assist you in making more informed decisions about your dental health. We would like to dispel some of the myths surrounding root canal treatment so that you can feel more comfortable during your procedure.    

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Myth #1: Root Canal Treatment is Painful 

Ironically, root canal treatment is used to relieve pain, not cause pain. An internally-infected tooth involves nerves damaged by bacteria, and this infection is the root of the pain. Endodontic treatment eliminates the pain by clearing out the infection and the damaged nerves. Additionally, these treatments are always performed under local anesthesia which numbs the entire area surrounding the affected tooth, making it so the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. Most likely, this myth originated from root canal procedures in the distant past before reliable anesthesia was readily available. Today, modern technology and medicine have made root canals no more uncomfortable than applying a filling. 

Myth #2: Root Canal Treatment Causes Illness

Root canal treatment is a safe procedure with a high success rate. Many studies show that there is no link to illness from endodontically-treated teeth. In actuality, root canal procedures remove such infections that may cause bodily illness. Additionally, thorough cleaning of the root canal, impassible fillings, and strong restorations, are all designed to prevent further complications to the tooth, gum tissue, and jawbone. 

Myth #3: Root Canal Treatments Are Not Beneficial 

Sometimes, to avoid spending extra time and money for a root canal procedure, patients opt for a tooth extraction. Unfortunately, the patient may be unaware that a tooth extraction will eventually create a need for more extensive procedures and costly tooth replacements. After an extraction, the missing tooth should be replaced with restorative dentistry services such as dental implants or bridges, thus requiring more time in the dental chair and treatments that are much more expensive than a simple root canal. Modern technology has afforded our dental specialty office in Roslyn the ability to perform root canal procedures in as little as one office visit. More importantly, root canal treatments conserve more healthy tooth structure. While dental implants and bridges may be durable replacements, healthy, natural teeth will always be stronger and more functional than a prosthetic. 


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