Flexible Schedule

By being open 6 days a week, morning till evening, we can accommodate anyone's schedule! In addition, should you experience any pain or discomfort, you can be seen right away.

Wheelchair Accessible

The design of this new facility was made with consideration towards patients who have active special needs. London Root Canals is located on the ground level; there are no steps, and a wide sidewalk leads from the parking lot to the entrance doors. The disability parking spots are close to the main entrance. The practice has wide halls and entry to the treatment rooms, making it easy to navigate in a wheelchair. London Root Canals offers the Pelton & Crane massage chair, considered by many the most comfortable dental chair for long procedures.

Leading-edge technology

no needles
Video - As featured on CBS News

Although no endodontist can guarantee painless dentistry, there are steps that can be taken to alleviate the pain. To provide the most enjoyable patient experience and stay on top of new technological advances in dentistry, London Root Canals offers the Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) system. In Canada, there are still very few practices that offer this system. 


What this system does is allow for efficient "freezing", without the use of a needle. Instead, the anaesthetic is placed in the space between the gum and the tooth, causing no pain or discomfort.

Traditional freezing leaves a large part of the jaw numb. The other advantage of this system is that it freezes just the tooth that needs to be frozen. Because the anaesthetic is controlled by a computer, the dentist can effectively administer only as much anaesthetic as is needed.

Digital Panoramic X-rays - ideal for gagging reflex

The digital x-rays used at London Root Canals use 93% less radiation as compared to the traditional x-rays. The panoramic x-ray will allow us to take a photo of the mouth without being too. This is ideal for people with gagging reflex.

Spa-like atmosphere

Patients always comment how London Root Canals is not a traditional dental office. At this West-London dental practice, you can have a massage in the chair, hot towels, and paraffin wax for your hands to enjoy while you watch your favorite show on TV. All these amenities are at no additional cost. It is our way to say thank you for choosing London Root Canals for your endodontic needs.

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